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Mustard Seed Cellars -  Our Story

If anyone had told us that we would be making wine and owning our own winery, we would have told them they were crazy.  One of the special things about wineries and the wines behind them is "the story".  So, this is our story.

Gary and Dawn Brumfield have known each other since childhood.  They both grew up in Tillamook, Oregon and they were indeed high school sweethearts.  Gary enlisted in the U.S. Army after graduation and he and Dawn were married in the early 1980's.  Gary served for 21 years in the Army and they travelled the world with their small family. In 1999, Gary retired from the military as a Chief Warrant Officer 3.  They had moved around the country and the world 19 times.  It was after all of this, that Dawn said to Gary, "I have moved 19 times for you, it's time for you to make a move for me."  You see, Gary and Dawn had become young grandparents and this was the new priority.  

So, they once again made a big move. Gary left a lucrative career as a military contractor and Dawn was transferred to a new VA hospital in Walla Walla, WA.  This move put them within forty miles of their grand-babies and life was good!  Gary began looking for work in Walla Walla, and for the first time in his life, he found himself unemployed.  As Dawn is a mental health therapist and social worker, she could see that Gary's newfound unemployment was getting to him.  So, one day she came home from work and said, "This is getting to you, I think you need to do something." "Why don't you go volunteer at one of the wineries."  Well, three months later, Gary was not only helping out at a winery, he also enrolled in Walla Walla Community College's Enology & Viticulture program and he began planting his first vineyard.

While Gary was attending school, he would come home and apply what he was learning about vineyards and winemaking.  In 2012, he made his first wine and the adventure has continued.  Their first commercial vintage, the 2013 Moving Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon, won double gold and 94 pts. from Savor NW.  It was a fantastic start!  

In 2015, we found out unexpectedly that our daughter and her family (including 3 of their now 5 grand babies) were moving to Roseburg, Oregon. With much thought and prayer, they made the decision to move again to the Umpqua Valley.  They were blessed in finding a perfect location to live, make wine and open their beautiful and quaint tasting room.  

Announcement! - Please Read.

Dear Loyal Customers:

Our current Tasting Room is currently closed.

We have sold our home and property in preparation for our retirement.

We are in the process of liquidating our business over time. 

Wines will remain available for purchase.

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Gary & Dawn 

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With the faith of a mustard seed.... you can move mountains!


***Please Note***

Our tasting room has closed in preparation for our new adventure in retirement.

Wines are currently available for purchase. 

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We offer shipping to OR, WA and ID.  


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